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Valve Manufacturer for Industrial and Water Applications

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Robvalve is a french designer and manufacturer of valves.


We provide all kind of valves for

industrial and water applications

Our size range goes from DN10 up to DN5000


About the company


The main goal of the company Robvalve, is to offer the highest quality valves for industry and water applications. Established in Strasbourg, it was a natural choice for the company as it is the center point of Western Europe and also the capital of European Union. Situated in between France and Germany, the company took the best of both culture :

French creativity with German quality.


Throughout the years Robvalve increased its research & development department and created the Suprax®, a state of the art, Triple Offset Butterfly Valve, thanks to its experts in valve technologies within the engineering team. With big strength in R&D and Lean Manufacturing, Robvalve prove it could achieve its goals : to offer the highest quality valves at best possible price. Now fully operational with a brand new factory in Strasbourg, the company can offer a wide range of valves for industry and water markets including ball, butterfly, gate, globe, check valves and strainers technologies. Those products can stand the most difficult applications from cryogenics to very high temperature, from low to super high pressure.


Featuring various materials, pressure ranges and connections types which are available depending on the service conditions of the different markets served.


Our independent R&D center and advanced manufacturing technologies strictly implement the relevant international standards. With advanced engineering design approaches, well-developed manufacturing equipment, testing verification facilities and the concept of Lean Manufacturing, we, Robvalve, ensure that each part in every product we supply is manufactured according to the highest quality and performance.

Industrial Applications :

  • Chemical & petrifaction industry
  • Petroleum & natural gas processing
  • Marine drilling platform
  • Oil refining
  • Metallurgy
  • Papermarketing
  • Industrial gas (cryogenic applications)
  • Energy
  • LNG storage & transport
  • Steam (satured & overheating)
  • Power plant

Water Applications &  City Facilities :

  • Drinking water preparation plant
  • Waste water treatment plant
  • Water transportation
  • Water supply
  • Irrigation
  • Pumping & linkage
  • District healting
  • Desalination
  • Waste burning plant

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Where are we ?


Headquarter :

3, quai Kleber

67000 Strasbourg


Manufacturing Plant :

Parc des Forges

22, rue Hannah Arendt

67200 Strasbourg


Machining Plant :

rue de la Maziere

67130 Wisches



Téléphone : + 33 9 83 20 05 96
                      + 33 3 88 23 71 07





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